Sophos Enduser Protection

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Sophos Enduser Protection will keep data in and malware out.  Smartphones, laptops, tablets… your organization’s network is being accessed by many devices that are no longer centrally controlled.  Malicious software has many avenues into your environment and, on top of that, your organization’s data may be sitting on devices that are easily lost.

With Sophos Enduser Protection, you now have the ability to easily administer and centrally manage all the devices that connect to your workplace infrastructure.  Get firewall, anti-virus, encryption, and more – all managed with an integrated Enterprise Console.

With cross-platform support, your environment can be protected even if the devices used are not Windows based – Mac, Android, Linux/Unix laptops, Virtualized Desktops, and more.

What’s Protected

  • All computers, mobile devices, and servers on a network
  • Encryption for devices and file shares
  • Mobile devices and laptops on the go

Products that make up the Sophos Enduser Protection Suite include:

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