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Oracle’s storage solutions are not only engineered to enable Oracle software to run faster and more efficiently (Oracle ZFS storage), they also offer unsurpassed capabilities for heterogenous environments (Pillar Axiom).

Oracle ZFS Storage Reseller TorontoOracle ZFS Storage

The Oracle ZFS storage product line delivers enterprise-class network attached storage capabilities that are tightly integrated with Oracle software solutions to deliver outstanding performance, efficiency, and total cost of ownership.  For organizations with large volumes of data, the tight integration between the Oracle Database and Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance through Hybrid Columnar Compression delivers 3x-5x better storage efficiency. Add to this the use of Hybrid Storage Pools that automate the use of DRAM, flash caches, and disk drives to deliver exceptional performance, the Oracle ZFS storage appliance should be at the top of your list when looking to optimize your data storage requirements.

The Oracle ZS3 series is here. It’s the most powerful NAS storage system on the market, with 4-6x better performance than competitive systems in heterogeneous environments and even more in an Oracle infrastructure.

Need better performance from your NAS systems? Oracle designed the ZS3 series to accelerate database responsiveness and complex data queries while minimizing backup windows. It includes intelligent management software that migrates data automatically between DRAM, flash and disk storage to provide almost instantaneous results, even on complex queries. The result? The ZS3, a NAS appliance that beats every comparable system on the market, hands down.

Efficiency is another big storage issue for many companies. They’re not willing to keep throwing more hardware at the problem – especially when budgets are tight.  Did you know that 87% of storage costs are due to inefficient systems or software? Oracle ZS3 resolves this with real-time performance analytics. These monitor data usage in real time and the ZS3 tunes itself accordingly, dramatically reducing human intervention and the TCO per system. In fact, customers can cut administrative costs by up to $28,000 per system per year by switching from NetApp to Oracle ZS3.

The Oracle ZS3 is engineered to work with Oracle Database, producing ultra-fast query performance and data warehouse compression. Its advantages for Oracle Database customers include Oracle Intelligent Storage Protocol (OISP) that cuts storage/database tuning time in half; and Automatic Data Optimization that regulates data availability and compression depending on usage frequency.

Oracle ZS3 for Oracle Database: they’re a powerful partnership!


Pillar Axiom

Pillar Axiom Reseller Toronto

Oracle’s SAN storage solution for multi-application workloads is Pillar Axiom.  With multiple storage tiers integrated within a single system, Pillar Axiom delivers predictable performance and independent scalability while eliminating your isolated storage islands. Offering patented Quality-of-Service (QoS) capabilities, tight integration with Oracle software, and best-of-breed general purpose capabilities, Pillar Axiom delivers performance, reliability, and cost savings to your storage infrastructure.

Oracle’s Pillar Axiom 600 storage system enables you to optimize performance based on application I/O needs.

The Pillar Axiom 600 facilitates policy-based sharing of storage resources, CPU, capacity, and cache to best meet your applications’ I/O requirements. With its innovative quality of service (QoS) software, you can also differentiate between drive types in the storage pool by selecting the optimal price/performance ratio to best meet the requirements of your business applications.

The Pillar Axiom 600 also supports Oracle Database hybrid columnar compression to deliver industry leading storage efficiency and performance for SAN solutions deployed in Oracle environments.

Scale flexibly and easily: Oracle’s Pillar Axiom 600’s modular architecture provides the flexibility to change application priorities, increase capacity , and improve performance as your business needs change and grow—all without disruption or difficult migrations.

Simplify management: With its key technology innovations and the industry’s most intuitive storage management user interface, you can deploy, provision, manage, and maintain the Pillar Axiom 600 easily without special training. No other storage vendor has eliminated the complexity of provisioning tiered storage with varying service levels in a single, integrated system.

Maximize efficiency: Oracle’s Pillar Axiom 600 supports hybrid columnar compression for Oracle Database. These compression rates enable you to support your business with less physical storage, simplifying your environment and saving money.

Utilize capacity: Oracle’s Pillar Axiom 600 storage systems are the basis of one of the most flexible storage systems in the industry, combining SAN and NAS in a single unified platform with a common storage pool using solid-state drives (SSDs) and/or Fibre Channel (FC) or serial ATA (SATA) drives.


Oracle ZFS Storage Simulator

Want to have some fun and experience the graphical interface used to manage the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance?  Click here to download Oracle’s ZFS Storage Appliance Simulator.  Once you’re ready to for more information or pricing, please contact one of our Technology Specialists in our Toronto office at or 1-866-368-8455.