Oracle Replication / Oracle GoldenGate

Oracle Replication and Golden Gate Platinum PartnerReal-time access to real-time information is the function of Oracle GoldenGate. This cost-effective, low-impact replication solution provides real-time data acquisition, distribution, and delivery of data across heterogeneous systems.

The uses of GoldenGate are numerous:

  • Query Offloading
  • Active-Active database synchronization
  • Real-time business intelligence
  • Disaster recovery
  • Zero-downtime upgrades and migrations

Using Oracle GoldenGate, you can provide your business users with tremendous new insights into the corporate data by feeding data from OLTP systems into a single analytical system – in real-time and with virtually no impact on the performance of the data sources.

Improved business insight, low integration costs, increased reliability and data safety, with the ability to integrate data from all major databases and platforms are just some of the key benefits provided by Oracle GoldenGate.