License Assessments and Audits

Cheap Oracle SoftwareOracle Software License Purchases Via DesTech’s “License-Right” Approach

Our License-Right approach is designed help you get the right type of Oracle licenses to ensure compliance at the best possible price. Contact a DesTech Technology Specialist for more information on our comprehensive approach to Oracle software license compliance. We’ve been working with Oracle software since 1991 and have a deep understanding of Oracle’s license policies.

DesTech can help you:

  • Significantly reduce your License and Support Costs through our License-Right approach
  • Understand any compliance risk and your options

Compliance Resolution

Unexpected compliance issues can be costly with any software vendor. Compliance issues typically arise inadvertently due to miscommunication regarding existing licenses, misunderstanding trial/demo licensing conditions, and hardware upgrades that impact processor based licensing models.

DesTech can provide you with a Software License Compliance  Health Check. DesTech’s License Health Check will clarify your software and support infrastructure, show you how you can leverage your existing technology, and identify possible migration paths or license gaps.  If your organization requires new software licenses to become compliant, you can buy directly from us and we’ll work with you to get these licenses at the best possible price.

If you have any licensing questions, or have been contacted by Oracle LMS for a compliance audit, call one of our Oracle software license specialists for a confidential review of your situation at 1-866-368-8455 or email us at

Cost Containment Services

DesTech provides independent advice on cost effective Oracle license and maintenance contracts and negotiations. We manage your Oracle assets transparently and completely independent of Oracle. We give customers greater visibility into Oracle deployment and usage – providing a clear view on cost savings opportunities and strategies.

Independent Advisory Services

We help customers gain a detailed understanding of Oracle license policies so they can better assess their current and future license requirements.  These are services designed to address a specific query, with the objective of clarifying future license requirements without involving a detailed verification of your obligations.

  • Clarification of your current contractual terms and options
  • Independent advice on future license requirements for specific Oracle products
  • Advice on architecture decisions and planning to meet future business requirements

We provide written or verbal confirmation confirming Oracle licensing policy and detailed cost savings options.

License Assessment Services

DesTech is brought in as independent Oracle advisor to provide insights into license rights, currently deployed Oracle products, and to help you understand any compliance situation across your environment.  We provide detailed options to resolve any concerns in the most cost effective manner possible.

  • Independent verification of your deployed Oracle products
  • Comprehensive insights into your existing contracts and license rights
  • Reconciliation of your actual usage versus current license entitlement

We provide an independently produced report confirming current usage, how this relates to your existing license agreements, and compliance issues. DesTech will also provide a detailed recommendation of licensing options that suit your current and longer term requirements.

Audit Services

Incorporating a factual evaluation, detailed license and deployment analysis and verification, Audit Services enables different audiences including business users, IT, Finance and Procurement, to conduct a detailed evaluation of deployed Oracle products to assess compliance status.

  • Independent verification of your Oracle deployment
  • Reconciliation of the number of licenses versus actual usage
  • Independent expert analysis and conclusion of compliance findings

We provide an independent detailed audit report that includes verified usage overview and recommendations of cost effective licensing strategies.

License Contract Certification Services

We offer an independent certification and verification process tailored to your existing Oracle contract and Unlimited License Agreement (ULA). These are services designed to offer independent insights into meeting contractual and certification requirements, completing verification forms, understanding key processes and minimizing your Oracle investment.

  • Independent support for Oracle ULA customers to define actual usage and deployed products
  • Pool of Funds Service for independent advice on reporting current usage
  • Enterprise program and Campus License Service for independent assistance with the annual verification process

We provide a findings for your review and recommendations provided on the current state of your Oracle deployment versus contractual rights.

Achieving Cost Effective License Management

An independent Oracle license and maintenance contract review with DesTech will detail current Oracle licensing models and your contractual obligations to reduce financial, operational, or legal risks. Quickly develop insights into cost saving opportunities on your existing Oracle maintenance contracts or future license purchases.

Our independent advisors help customers make informed decisions to master the complexities of maintaining, migrating, and upgrading Oracle products, analyzing current demand and minimizing future investments to align with business demand.

This will provide greater visibility into actual usage to help you manage your existing Oracle assets, minimize future investments and identify immediate cost savings opportunities.

DesTech – Your Independent Oracle License Advisors

Our team has helped negotiate 1000+ Oracle contracts. Our 25+ years of experience includes:

  • Oracle licensing, consulting, and education
  • Cost savings and avoidance best practices for negotiating Oracle license and support contracts, and terms and conditions
  • Educating customers on existing contract entitlements and potential areas of exposure
  • Managing Oracle assets with established processes and tools