SPARC SuperCluster

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SPARC SuperCluster is a multi-purpose engineered system combining the computing power of the SPARC T4-4 server, the unmatched scalability of Oracle Solaris, the database optimization of Oracle Exadata, the accelerated processing of the Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud software, and the unified systems management of Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c.

Designed for extreme efficiency through optimized application consolidation via layered, zero overhead virtualization, SPARC SuperCluster is the ideal platform for performance oriented mixed use purposes.

Whereas the Oracle Exadata Database Machine has been engineered for optimal Oracle Database performance, the SPARC SuperCluster is optimized for heterogeneous processing – database, middleware, ERP/Apps, content management, and virtualization.

SPARC SuperCluster provides significantly reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) as it is a fully integrated apps-to-disk solution with documented best practices and full-stack patch and testing.

Then New Oracle SuperCluster T5-8

The new Oracle SuperCluster T5-8 is a complete, engineered system that delivers extreme efficiency, cost savings, and performance for all your enterprise applications and mission critical cloud computing.

Oracle SuperCluster T5-8 is optimized out of the box and integrates the best of breed at every level. For starters, it’s based on the Oracle T5, the world’s fastest microprocessor with over 17 worldwide records. The servers are no slackers either – the Oracle T5-8 runs your critical databases and applications up to 10 times faster. Then there the powerful Exadata storage servers that deliver 10-50 times more database acceleration, coping with the most demanding loads. All this is complemented by Oracle Optimized Solutions: robust application architectures that are tuned for optimal performance and availability.

The Oracle SuperCluster T5-8 runs Oracle Database and other core applications together on one platform, delivering up to 5 times lower TCO through consolidation and delivering new services 5x faster than the traditional build-your-own IT approach.  And for even more efficiency, it compresses data 10 times more, saving you money on expensive SAN systems, and takes up far less floor space too.

But that’s not all. Mission-critical databases and applications need to run with no risk of downtime and the financial loss that goes with it. That’s why Oracle developed the Oracle SuperCluster T5-8 – it gives you 99.999% application availability. How do they do it? With fully redundant components, built-in clustering and fail-over technologies that adapt to the load and criticality of services. And with zero maintenance downtime, because you get real-time fault notification and resolution as well as risk-free patching with no service interruption. Along with matchless availability, this resilience saves you money too – up to three times less maintenance and administration costs!

Efficiency, performance, cost savings and availability – the new Oracle SuperCluster T5-8 has it all. Today.

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SPARC SuperCluster – The Ideal Platform for Consolidation and Heterogeneous Environments