Oracle Exadata Specialized Platinum Partner Toronto

The Oracle Exadata Database Machine integrates the world’s most popular database with operating system software, servers, storage and networking in a single box. Designed for extreme performance, Exadata combines the latest technology such as Infiniband Switches, Smart Flash Cache, dedicated Oracle Storage Servers and more to produce lightning fast transaction response times and high transaction throughput.   All the hardware and software components are engineered to seamlessly work together and are supported by a single vendor – Oracle. How can you benefit?Oracle Exadata Toronto

  • Unmatched performance, reliability and security for your data that’s there when you need it – which is all the time.
  • Significant cost savings and reduced risk and complexity compared to integrating all the elements yourself.
  • Ongoing lower total cost of ownership with multiple automated support, detection and correction functions that also save you time.

The Oracle Exadata Database Machine provides an exceptional high-performance solution for all database workloads. Combined with Oracle Exadata Storages Servers that have been optimized for use with the Oracle Database, outstanding I/O and processing performance can be expected.

Using the Oracle Exadata Database Machine, you can replace isolated systems with a consolidated platform suitable for both OLTP and Data Warehouse applications.

By leveraging database aware storage services, Oracle Exadata is able to transparently offload database processing from the database server to the storage server – without requiring a single change to your applications!

Oracle Exadata Database Machine – Trust a Specialized Partner!