Database Support Services & Database Monitoring

Remote DBA Toronto

  • Have you ever considered an affordable Database Support Services plan?
  • Are you concerned that you don’t have the right safety net in place to support your business users?
  • Do you have difficulty retaining database administrators with senior skill sets?
  • Are your monthly database support services costs too high?
  • Do your business users experience performance problems, database outages, and random database errors?
  • Is your database administrator focused on strategic projects and directions or mired in day-to-day maintenance issues?
  • Do you worry about who will be monitoring and supporting your database when your database administrator is on vacation?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, DesTech’s Remote Database Support Services solution is for you.

We offer a Database Support Services plan customized to your organization’s specific needs. Key features of our database support services include:

  • Senior Database Administrators, located in North America, providing you with both offsite and onsite flexibility
  • Affordable Remote DBA support services and ongoing database monitoring tailored to your needs
  • On-Call Database Support Services providing Vacation and Maternity Leave Coverage and access to advanced skill sets on an as-needed basis
  • Lower technical headcount costs
  • Elimination of skill retention HR issues
  • An assurance that you are obtaining maximum performance and uptime through proper database design and management
  • Ongoing Oracle Database Monitoring
  • Ongoing SQL Server Database Monitoring
  • Private or Cloud database environment support

Add-On: Continuous Monitoring for Your Peace of Mind

DesTech’s Remote Database Monitoring solution provides you with a cost efficient method of ensuring that you are obtaining maximum performance and uptime through proper database configuration and management.

  • You are assigned a Senior Database Administrator as your primary contact but you are supported by our entire team averaging over 15 years of experience.  You will also be assigned an Account Manager at no extra cost.
  • Meticulous automated monitoring of all aspects of your database environment using custom built software running on a VMware Appliance that is installed in your environment
  • Automated alerts are sent to our monitoring team whenever there is an issue
  • Alerts are reviewed by our experienced team and recommendations for remedial actions are presented
  • Repository based alerting process allows for the production of historical and trending reports of issues within your database environment
  • No additional software licensing is required

Our solution provides your organization with:

  • Lower database management costs that are predictable and affordable
  • Highly experienced DBA’s
  • Continuity due to DesTech’s very low turnover rate
  • Flexible options – a customized solution to fit your needs
  • Peace of mind through proactive monitoring

Customized Database Support Services Solution for Your Specific Needs

  • We work with your team to satisfy all security requirements including those related to outbound email and secure remote access
  • We can tailor our monitoring to include specific monitoring tasks that are unique to your organization
  • We can tailor services related to issue resolution that range from having all remediation steps handled by DesTech’s team or simply alerting your in-house team for resolution internally

Your Database Infrastructure Partner

Your primary contact, along with the monitoring team, will become very familiar with your environment and will be able to assist you in obtaining additional services that you might require including:

  • Emergency support and service
  • Technical Education recommendations and delivery
  • Patch installations and upgrades
  • Provision of regular maintenance tasks to ensure optimal database health and performance
  • Software license reviews and recommendations
  • Hardware upgrades