Custom Application Development using Oracle Forms

Oracle Forms Consulting TorontoOracle Forms, a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware, is Oracle’s original flagship technology for designing and building enterprise applications quickly and efficiently. Rest assured that Oracle remains committed to its continued development, and to ongoing releases as a key component of the Oracle platform.

For those who have used previous versions of Oracle Forms, this continuing commitment to Forms technology enables you to leverage your existing investment by easily upgrading and integrating existing Oracle Forms applications to take advantage of web technologies and service oriented architectures (SOA).

Rapid Application Development

Quickly develop feature rich, web-deployed applications that are optimized for the Internet or your corporate network without writing any Java code with Oracle Forms. Build applications that are able to meet the demand for rapid processing of large amounts of data and rapid completion of complex calculations and transactions.

Oracle Forms allows you to build the most complex business applications imaginable with the minimal amount of effort. Oracle Forms also provides an open, extensible user interface model that allows for full customization and extension of applications with Java.

The tool set includes many wizards and utilities to speed application development:

Data Block Wizard

Use the Data Block Wizard to easily create or modify data blocks for use in your application. The Data Block Wizard can be reentered after initial creation of the data block, enabling you to modify an existing data block, even if it was not originally created with the wizard.

Layout Wizard

Use the Layout Wizard to quickly lay out the items of a data block. The wizard displays the items in a frame on a canvas and lays them out in one of several layout styles, which you can manually alter to your own specifications. You can reenter the Layout Wizard after the initial creation of a frame, enabling you to modify an existing frame, even if it was not created with the Layout Wizard.

Property Palette

The Property Palette enables you to set the properties of objects you create in form and menu modules. When you select an object in an editor or in the Object Navigator, the Property Palette updates to show the properties of that object. You can invoke additional Property Palettes as needed, to compare the properties of different objects.

Integrated PL/SQL Editor

The integrated PL/SQL Editor enables you to write PL/SQL code from within the Forms Builder. It provides an interface for editing and debugging applications.

Object Libraries

Object Libraries provide an easy method for reusing objects, and enforcing programming and look-and-feel standards across the entire development organization.

Built-in Packages

Oracle Forms Developer provides several built-in packages that contain many PL/SQL constructs you can reference while building applications or debugging your application code.

Support for Unicode

Oracle Forms Developer and Oracle Fusion Middleware Forms Services provide the means to deliver applications to your users in their native language. Support for Unicode global character set allows multinational corporations to develop a single multilingual application and deploy it to their users worldwide.

Build Rich, Extensible User Interfaces

Utilize the supplied native widgets and default controls for rapid development of compelling Java UIs with minimal coding. Native widgets and defaults include hierarchical tree controls, tab-pages, check boxes, pop-up lists, tool tips, summary totals, and calculated fields.

Oracle Forms Developer provides an extensible UI through Pluggable Java Components (PJCs). You can easily extend and customize your Java user interface beyond the default functionality by integrating your own custom-built Java components into your Forms applications.

Tight Integration with the Oracle Database – Designed by Oracle for Oracle

Oracle Forms Developer is specifically designed and optimized to build Oracle transactional database applications. It delivers the following services for you natively—services you would otherwise have to code by hand:

  • Connects to and maintains a connection to the Oracle database
  • Queries and handles a large number of records on demand
  • Locks database records on demand
  • Generates code that automatically supports multi-user locking scenarios
  • Manages inserts, updates, and deletes automatically
  • Allows programmatic manipulation of sets of records for a developer
  • Communicates transactions efficiently to the database in an atomic fashion, meaning that a transaction is either fully committed or not at all
  • Automatically handles communication with database
  • Advanced Queuing queues
  • Automatically handles logins when database proxy users are used for deployment


Designed by Oracle for Oracle. With Oracle’s committment to continued development and enhancement of its original flagship applications development tool, Oracle Forms is an excellent product for building feature rich applications with a minimum amount of effort. DesTech has been building Oracle Forms based applications since Version 3 of this product. We are here to help you successfully build or upgrade your Forms based application system.