Custom Application Development using Oracle ADF

Oracle ADF Consulting TorontoOracle ADF is an end-to-end development framework, built on top of the Enterprise Java platform. This framework provides an integrated infrastructure that allows for productive, feature-rich application development.

Components For Rich Enterprise Applications

Oracle ADF includes a set of over a 150 standards-based Java Server Faces (JSF) components with built-in Ajax functionality. Developers can deploy web based applications that offer user interface components normally found in rich client applications. Business users benefit from an application that is much more feature rich and user friendly than traditional web based applications.

ADF Business Components

ADF Business Components utilizes a highly declarative metadata based development style. The business components can implement custom business functionality, declarative validation, security, and advanced object-relational integration using a declarative programming methodology.

ADF Business Components enables the developer to create a sophisticated user interface that lies on top of the programming logic that implements the actual bu siness rules and processes.

Drag and Drop Data Binding

Using ADF, development of the user interface is decoupled from the implementation of the business service layer. The binding of the UI to the business services can be done with a simple drag and drop operation in the IDE thereby simplifying the task. It also allows for developers to focus on the areas of the application development process most suitable to their skills.


The developer has the capability to design an application utilizing visual editors and diagrams and then customize that design through integrated dialogs and property inspectors. Using Oracle JDeveloper, the developer can choose to directly manipulate source code at any time. The developer has the flexibility to use the appropriate development style that they perfer to work productively based on the task at hand.

A full debugging solution is available through JDeveloper. As one would expect, it provides a complete debugging solution that allows you to set breakpoints within the code snippets (eg. Java, JSP, PL/SQL) and frameworks that are typically used within an application.

Finally, ADF provides your developers with the abilitiy to package and share various framework artifacts and business components into simple distributable archives.

Don’t Be Afraid of JavaEE

Are you new to JavaEE but have extensive Oracle development experience? DesTech has developed a methodology that leverages your existing skills and simplifies your adoption of JavaEE utilizing the power of ADF. We’re here to help you make the transition.


Combine the power of Oracle’s Application Development Framework with DesTech’s JavaEE Fast Path Methodology to build powerful enterprise applications based on industry standards. We can help you leverage your existing skills and combine them with the powerful out-of-the-box features provided by ADF.