Database Services

Database Support Services

We offer a Database Support Services customized to your organization’s specific needs. Key features of our database support services include:

  • Senior Database Administrators, located in North America, providing you with both offsite and onsite flexibility
  • Affordable Remote DBA support services and ongoing database monitoring tailored to your needs
  • On-Call Database Support Services providing Vacation and Maternity Leave Coverage and access to advanced skill sets on an as-needed basis
  • Lower technical headcount costs
  • Elimination of skill retention HR issues
  • An assurance that you are obtaining maximum performance and uptime through proper database design and management
  • Ongoing Oracle Database Monitoring
  • Ongoing SQL Server Database Monitoring
  • Private or Cloud database environment support

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Infrastructure Development

DesTech has expertise in architecting small, medium and large scale databases as well as those requiring 7 X 24 support. We can work with you to develop and implement an optimal end-to-end database architecture utilizing Oracle technology that meets your business needs.

Capacity and Performance Audits

In as little as two weeks, DesTech can identify and prepare a database performance audit report detailing all your critical performance concerns.

Do not reinvent the wheel. DesTech has spent years developing a proven methodology for detecting and solving database performance problems.

Our methodology examines the most accurate indicators of performance bottlenecks in your system. We examine all aspects of database performance from the way the applications interact with the database to the way the database interacts with the operating system and existing hardware.

Backup and Recovery Strategies

DesTech will evaluate your existing backup and recovery strategies to ensure that they are appropriate for your business needs. New backup and recovery strategies will be designed and presented if existing procedures prove to be insufficient.

We will also perform database recovery tests and workshops to ensure everyone is prepared in the event that disaster strikes.


Security of corporate data is a concern for all organizations today. DesTech will perform a security audit to test the security of all aspects of your system including web servers, application servers and data servers. In addition, privileges and roles will be examined to ensure that access is restricted to authorized users.

High Availability

It is critical that your organization has confidence that applications will be available when needed. We will architect and implement a high-availability solution that ensures 24×7 access to  critical application data. Systems that are reliable will maximize your investment and provide your organization with the competitive advantage they need.

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