Auditing Services

Database Capacity and Performance Audits

In as little as two weeks, DesTech can identify and prepare a database performance audit report detailing all your critical performance concerns.

Do not reinvent the wheel. DesTech has spent years developing a proven methodology for detecting and solving database performance problems.

Our methodology examines the most accurate indicators of performance bottlenecks in your system. We examine all aspects of database performance from the way the applications interact with the database to the way the database interacts with the operating system and existing hardware.

Application Audits

DesTech uses a proven methodology to examine your applications. This is a complex task involving all aspects of your critical applications.

The database design and business process design will be reviewed to ensure they are sound. The most expensive database calls will be identified as they will often be the source of performance bottlenecks. All structures including tables, partitions and indexes will be examined to ensure that the necessary structures are in place and designed properly. The application itself and the programmatic interactions will also be reviewed for efficiency, whether it be Java or PL/SQL.

Security Audit

Security of corporate data is a concern of all organizations today. DesTech will perform a security audit to test the security of all aspects of your system including web servers, application servers and data servers. In addition, privileges and roles will be examined to ensure that access is restricted to authorized users only.