Analysis & Design

The Foundation of Any Successful System

DesTech has years of experience helping clients develop applications to meet their changing business requirements.

Our consultants have worked in a very wide spectrum of public, private and government sectors. Every client has remarked on our ability to understand their business in tremendous detail in a short period of time.

Our methodology ensures that we understand all aspects of your business through the process of developing a detailed data and functional analysis. We take pride in the meticulous degree to which we produce our deliverables.

It is our experience that the analysis and design process is critical to the performance and maintainability of the final system. It forms the basis for all programming specifications as well as test scenarios to ensure that the business users receive a high-quality application at the end of the project.

DesTech has database design experts that can provide the following services:

  • Requirement Definition
  • Data and Functional Analysis
  • Database Design and Program Specifications
  • Detailed Test Plan Development

Whether your system is a Web based application or a Data Warehouse, our consultants are available to ensure that your design is complete, accurate and meets the future needs of your user community.