Database Audits & Assurance

Database Audit TorontoDo not reinvent the wheel. DesTech has spent years developing a proven audit methodology for detecting and resolving database issues.

We will analyze your database infrastructure and prepare a detailed audit report detailing both “the good and the bad”.

Our methodology examines the most accurate indicators of performance bottlenecks in your system. We examine all aspects of database performance from the way the applications interact with the database to the way the database interacts with the operating system and existing hardware.

Our audit methodology also examines your overall database configuration in great detail. Comparing  it to both industry best-practices and DesTech’s own proven recommendations, we detail any areas of concern along with validating parameters that meet identified standards.  Our goal is to ensure that your database is secure, efficient, protected, and optimized.

Peace of mind is what we offer.  Ensure that your database infrastructure is properly configured, performing optimally, and is protected against failure.