Database Support Services

Database Support Services

Remote DBA Services

DesTech has a team of Senior Database Administrators ready to help your organization with database support services customized to your needs to ensure the health, security, and reliability of your database infrastructure.

Our database support services are provided by our onshore team of specialists that have expertise in the most advanced features used in today’s most demanding database environments.  Our award winning background in training thousands of database administrators, combined with our strong strategic vendor partnerships, ensures that our team is ready to to support your database infrastructure regardless of its complexity.

With Remote DBA Services, you are assigned a primary DBA that is supported by our entire team as backup.  Our employee retention history ensures continuity over the years that you engage our services.  This continuity is critical, as you will develop an excellent working relationship with our team and they will become very familiar with your environment, business processes, and even your corporate culture as it relates to managing your database infrastructure.

Our Senior team of DBA’s have the experience to provide full infrastructure support at the Database, Application Server, and Operating System levels.  By engaging our team, you no longer have to worry about motivating, training, and retaining highly skilled DBA’s to ensure the long-term stability of your environment.  You will increase the technical capabilities of your database support services while decreasing your overall database support costs.

On-Call Database Support

Working with DesTech, you have the flexibility to start with a very affordable database support service program and draw on our team for on-call support on an as-needed basis.  Your primary DBA will already be very familiar with your environment and will be able to quickly perform any extra tasks as required.  This can save your organization a tremendous amount of time and money as you will be engaging our team of DBA’s who are already part of your team to perform these extra activities.

Not Just Database Support Services!

As we work together, you’ll find that DesTech’s other lines of business bring significant advantages to your organization.  As an authorized reseller of a variety of software and hardware lines, we can provide procurement services as well as license compliance advisory services.  As a multi-vendor IT Training provider, we can ensure that your in-house team have the skills needed to take advantage of the technology in use in your organization. As a Service Provider, we can augment your team with consultants that have specific skill sets or perform recruiting services on your behalf to find you qualified full-time or temporary technology staff.

Complete the Picture with Database Monitoring

Combine hardware infrastructure hosting with DesTech’s Database Monitoring solution that provides you with a cost efficient method of ensuring that you are obtaining maximum performance and uptime through proper database configuration and management.

  • You are assigned a Senior Database Administrator as your primary contact but you are supported by our entire team averaging over 15 years of experience.  You will also be assigned an Account Manager at no extra cost.
  • Meticulous automated monitoring of all aspects of your database environment using custom built software based on industry and DesTech best-practices
  • Automated alerts are sent to our monitoring team whenever there is an issue
  • Alerts are reviewed by our experienced team and recommendations for remedial actions are presented
  • Repository based alerting process allows for the production of historical and trending reports of issues within your database environment
  • No additional software licensing is required

Our solution provides your organization with:

  • Lower database management costs that are predictable and affordable
  • Highly experienced DBA’s
  • Continuity due to DesTech’s very low turnover rate
  • Flexible options – a customized solution to fit your needs
  • Peace of mind through proactive monitoring