DesTech Remote Video Conferencing

Do you live closer to Ottawa than Toronto? Get the best of Live Oracle Classroom Training and Online Learning. It’s simple:

  • Contact DesTech like you normally would to register for the Oracle course of your choice.
  • Specify that you would like to take advantage of the DesTech Remote Video Conferencing service
  • Attend the course from at an Ottawa-based, Authorized Oracle Education Centre that is connected to a live DesTech classroom in Toronto via state-of-the-art HD Video Conferencing equipment.
  • You’ll see all the instructor content, and demos with the ability to see, hear and interact with instructor and students alike – it’s just like being there!  You also get the same lab environment for your hands-on exercises.
  • Instructor assistance for labs and exercises is readily available, including instructor access to your lab environment.

DesTech is committed to ensuring that your receive the same high-quality experience that is synonymous with the DesTech name regardless of your physical location.   The highest standard of Customer Service is always our #1 priority.

Each DesTech Remote Video Conferencing classroom has been outfitted with:

  • The latest premium HD video conferencing system
  • Two 52 inch high definition flat panel displays
  • One monitor will provide a view of the classroom
  • The second monitor will display the instructor PC for demo’s and slide presentations.

Advantages of DesTech Remote Video Conferencing:

  • Drastically save on travel and lodging expenses
  • Interact in real time with your instructor and  fellow classmates; you see whole classroom and the classroom can see you
  • Learn the Oracle University curriculum from DesTech and its award-winning Instructors
  • Enroll with confidence: with a great selection of course dates,  you’re sure to find a course that is sure to run as scheduled