Oracle Stellent 10gR3: Site Studio Fundamentals

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Oracle Stellent 10g R3: Site Studio Fundamentals

Description: This foundation course furnishes the participants with the designer skills necessary to contribute to, design, and build Web sites using Site Studio with content managed by Oracle Content Server. Participants learn to navigate a Site Studio Web site as an end-user, editing and contributing both native content and data files managed by Oracle Content Server. They also participate in a workflow as an end-user, reviewing Web site content. And eventually they build a fully-fledged Web site by creating Web page layouts, adding contribution regions and native content to layout pages and creating dynamic lists. They validate content submitted through Site Studio Contributor and use Dynamic Converter to format and view native content.

Learn To:

  • Create a Site Studio Web site
  • Create dynamic layout pages
  • Set up CSS for contributors
  • Add default validation scripts
  • Use Dynamic Converter to view native content
  • Create static and dynamic lists

Duration: 4 Days


  • End Users
  • Web Administrator

Required Prerequisites:

  • Working knowledge of HTML

Suggested Prerequisites:

  • General programming skills


Site Studio Overview

  • What is Site Studio?
  • Site Studio Applications
  • Site Studio Users
  • Site Studio Environment
  • Additional Components
  • Web Page Assembly

Contribution Overview

  • What is Content Server?
  • Life Cycle for Managed Content
  • Metadata Overview
  • Metadata Importance
  • Content Metadata
  • Standard Metadata
  • Site Studio and Dynamic Converter Metadata Fields
  • Course Specific Configuration

Editing Content: Working with Native Files

  • Accessing Contributor Mode
  • What are Contribution Regions?
  • What are Contributor Data Files?
  • What are Native Documents?
  • Assigning Content to a Region
  • Check Out and Open
  • Web Site Usage Report

Reviewing Web Pages: Working with Workflows

  • Workflow Overview
  • General Workflow Process
  • Reviewing the Web Page
  • Comparing Version Differences
  • Approving the Web Page
  • Rejecting the Web Page

Editing Content: Working with Data Files

  • Opening the Contribution Editor
  • Working with Text
  • The Accessibility Report
  • Working with Images and Image Properties
  • Working with Tables and Table Properties
  • Working with Hyperlinks

Working with Lists

  • Types of Lists
  • Working with a Static List
  • Working with a Dynamic List

Contributing Content

  • Using Oracle Content Server to Check in a File
  • Updating Content’s Metadata from Oracle Content Server
  • Using WebDAV to Check in a File
  • Creating WebDAV Folders
  • Setting Default Metadata
  • Setting the Title

Creating Your Web Site

  • Site Studio Terminology
  • The Project File
  • Creating Site Connections
  • Site Hierarchy
  • Creating Site Navigation
  • Assigning Security

Creating Layout Pages: The Home Page

  • What are Layout Pages?
  • Adding Layout Pages to Your Web Site
  • Opening a Layout Page
  • Using an Existing Page Design
  • Adding Tables
  • Viewing Your Web Site

Designing Layout Pages: Graphics and Fragments

  • Adding Graphics to a Layout Page
  • Types of Fragments
  • Previewing Fragments
  • Adding Fragments to a Layout Page
  • Adding Navigation to a Layout Page

Setting up Contribution

  • Adding a Contribution Region
  • Defining Options for Modifying Metadata in a Region
  • Defining Options for Switching Region Content in a Region
  • Assigning Content to a Contribution Region
  • Contribution Elements
  • Adding a WYSIWYG Element
  • Adding an Image Element
  • Setting up CSS Classes for Contributors

Validation Scripts and Object Properties

  • Adding Element Validation
  • Adding Object Properties

Creating Layout Pages: Primary Page

  • What is a Primary Page?
  • Adding a Primary Page
  • Editing the Primary Page
  • Generating Unique Files
  • Assigning Content to All Sections

Adding Lists to Your Layout Page

  • Static and Dynamic List Fragments
  • Adding a Static List
  • Adding a Dynamic List

Creating Layout Pages: Secondary Page

  • What is a Secondary Page?
  • Adding a Secondary Page
  • Setting Replaceable Regions
  • Finding Missing Region Content

Working with Dynamic Converter

  • What is Dynamic Converter?
  • The Dynamic Converter Process
  • Creating a Dynamic Converter Template
  • Specifying a Conversion Template for Native Documents
  • Adding and Editing Dynamic Converter Template Rules
  • Creating Dynamic Converter Elements and Styles
  • Formatting Dynamic Converter Elements

Error and Search Pages

  • Adding an Error Page to Your Web Site
  • Designating a Section as an Error Handler
  • Adding a Search Field to Your Web Site
  • The Search Results Section and Page

Using the Site Assets Pane

  • Site Assets Options
  • Adding a Site Asset Category
  • Adding and Editing a Site Asset

Site Manager

  • What is Site Manager?
  • Site Manager Tasks
  • Where and When to Display Manager
  • Adding Manager to Your Site
  • Creating a Manager Settings File
  • Customizing Manager Settings

The Advanced Menu and Customizing Options

  • Setting a Default Link Format
  • Reports
  • Formatting Source View Code
  • Filtering Fragment Libraries
  • Changing Log File Settings

Educating the Contributor


Course DateLocationDaysPriceRegister
Call for Classroom Training Dates4 $3,740Register

Course DateLocationDaysPriceRegister
Call for Live Virtual Class Dates4 $3,560Register