UPK Content Development Rel 11.0

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UPK Content Development Rel 11.0

Description: This course is designed for course authors, editors, and other individuals in need of recording and editing content in the User Productivity Kit Developer. Through hands-on exercises, participants will learn how to build an outline, prepare for and record content in the target application, and use the Topic Editor to customize recorded

Learn To: Create and manage library folders

  • Build outlines by creating new modules, sections, and topics
  • Link existing content to an outline
  • Record and edit content
  • Publish content, including printable documentation
  • Check-in/check-out documents on the server

Duration: 4 Days

Audience: End Users

  • Project Manager
  • Functional Implementer

Suggested Prerequisites: Participants should have a basic knowledge of Windows

  • Basic knowledge for working with publishing documents

Course Objectives:

  • Set, export, and import content defaults for a consistent output
  • Build content outlines using modules, sections, and topics
  • Record and edit content
  • Preview topics in See It!, Try It!, Know It?, and Do It! modes and in document format
  • Publish content, including printable documentation
  • Link existing content to an outline
  • Create and use attachments and glossary terms
  • Create questions and assessments
  • Create and manage library folders and create custom Library views
  • Customize the logo and templates for print and Player deployments
  • Import and export content
  • Check in/check-out documents on the server
  • Create Explanation and Decision frames and Alternative actions and paths
  • Create, assign, and publish by roles
  • Copy existing content to create new outlines


    Build an Outline

  • Set Content and Document Defaults
  • Export/Import Content Defaults
  • Create a New Outline
  • Link New Modules, Sections, and Topics
  • Link Existing Content
  • Move Documents in an Outline
  • Move Documents in the Library
  • Print an Outline

    Record Topics

  • Record Topic Content
  • Understand Recorder Logic
  • Record Different Action Types
  • Record a Topic
  • Save a Topic
  • Use Automatic Screenshot Recording
  • Record a PowerPoint Slide Show

Preview a Topic

  • Preview Player Modes
  • Use the Actions Menu
  • Preview See It! Mode
  • Preview Try It! Mode
  • Preview Do It! Mode
  • Preview Know It? Mode
  • Preview Documents
  • Preview a Presentation

Use the Topic Editor

  • Customize the Layout in the Topic Editor
  • Insert and Delete Frames
  • Copy Frames
  • Define the Action for a Frame
  • Change the Action Area for a Frame
  • Insert and Format Template and Custom Bubble Text
  • Specify the Playback Mode for Custom Text
  • Hide a Frame for a Play Mode

Publish Content for the Player

  • Set Player Defaults
  • Use the Publishing Wizard
  • Player and LMS - Publishing Options
  • HTML Web Site - Publishing Options
  • Standalone Topic Files - Publishing Options
  • Publish Content for the Player
  • Change Player Options
  • Reset Player Options

Check In/Check Out

  • Check In and Check Out Documents
  • Add Check In Comments
  • Check in an Interim Copy
  • Overwrite a Checked In Document
  • Open a Locked Document
  • Publish Server vs. Local Content
  • View Document History
  • Roll Back to a Previous Version

Change Views

  • Change Folder Views
  • Split the Work Area
  • Size, Sort, and Rearrange Columns
  • Modify the Current View
  • Reset View Defaults
  • Use a Sample View
  • Print Library Views
  • Print Outline Details

View and Assign Document Properties

  • Use the Properties Toolpane
  • Change General Properties
  • Create See Also Links
  • Change the Play Modes Property
  • Assign a State Value to a Document
  • Publish by State
  • Assign Document Ownership

Create and Link Attachments

  • Create Web Page and Package Attachments
  • Format Web Pages
  • Insert Images into a Web Page
  • Create Hyperlinks in Web Pages
  • Link Attachments to Concepts in the Outline Editor
  • Link Attachments to Frames in the Topic Editor
  • Manage Linked Attachments

Create a Glossary

  • Create a New Glossary
  • Define Glossary Terms
  • Assign a Glossary to a Document
  • Update Glossary Links
  • Edit a Glossary
  • Delete a Glossary

Publish Content for Printed Output

  • Document Formats
  • Set Preview/Publishing Options
  • Document Output Properties
  • Add Text to a System Process Document Table
  • Add Revision Text and Instructor Notes
  • Publish for a Document Output
  • Set Print It! Options for Player Publishing
  • Publish a Presentation

Include Questions and Assessments

  • Use Questions and Assessments in Content
  • Question Types
  • Link New and Existing Questions to an Outline
  • Create New Questions in the Library
  • Create Assessments
  • Set Question and Assessment Properties
  • Use the Assessment Coverage View
  • Publish Questions and Assessments for Player and Document Outputs

Understand Know It? Mode

  • Know It? Mode - Overview
  • Include Bubble Text in Know It? Mode
  • Preview Frame Text for Know It? Mode
  • Display Template Text in Know It? Mode
  • Set Know It? Scoring Defaults
  • Set Know It? Remediation Levels
  • String Input Scoring in Know It? Mode
  • Preview Know It? Changes

Use Alternative Actions and Paths

  • Insert an Alternative Action
  • Insert an Alternative Path
  • Display Alternative Actions and Paths
  • Change the End Frame of an Alternative Path
  • Set the Default Action
  • Delete an Alternative Action
  • Delete an Alternative Path

Create Decision Frames

  • Use Decision Frames during Playback
  • Insert a Decision Frame
  • Record Paths in a Decision Frame
  • Rename and Reposition Paths in a Decision Frame
  • Edit Header Text
  • Remove Decision Paths
  • Delete a Decision Frame
  • Copy Decision Frames and Paths

Edit Frames

  • Format String Inputs
  • Add New Input Text Entries
  • Add Meta Entries
  • Recapture Actions and Screenshots
  • Re-record a Topic
  • Edit a Screenshot
  • Create a Jump-in Point
  • Hide Bubbles for See It!/Try It! Modes

Define Roles

  • Open the Role Editor
  • Add a Role to the Master Role List
  • Assign Roles to Documents
  • Remove Roles from Documents
  • Rename and Delete Roles
  • Update a Master Role List
  • Create a New Role List
  • Publish by Roles

Manage Library Documents

  • Create a Custom View
  • Configure View Columns, Sort Order, and Filters
  • Copy a View
  • Share a Custom View
  • Set Autosave Options
  • Autorecover a Document
  • Back up Content
  • Work with Content Permissions

Work with Related Documents

  • View Related Documents
  • Documents under Version Control
  • Delete the Selected Document Only
  • Delete a Document and Related Documents
  • View and Repair Broken Links
  • View Deleted Documents
  • Restore a Deleted Document from the Deleted View
  • Restore a Deleted Document from the Outline Editor

Copy Documents and Outlines

  • Copy and Paste a Document in the Library
  • Paste Special in the Library
  • Copy (selection only) - Library
  • Paste a Duplicate (selection and related) - Library
  • Duplicate a Folder
  • Copy and Paste between Outlines
  • Paste a Copy (selection only) - Outline Editor
  • Paste a Duplicate (selection and related) - Outline Editor

Export/Import Content

  • Export/Import Functionality
  • Export/Import Document Process
  • Export Options
  • Export Content and Related Documents
  • Import Content

Customize Published Output

  • Create Custom Styles
  • Create a Publishing Category
  • Use the Customize Logo Tool
  • Preview Publishing Categories
  • Publish using Publishing Categories
  • Customize the Player Images and Stylesheet Elements
  • Customize Document Templates
  • Use the Publishing Template Toolbar

Course DateLocationDaysPriceRegister
Call for Classroom Training Dates4 $4,840Register

Course DateLocationDaysPriceRegister
Call for Live Virtual Class Dates4 $4,640Register