PeopleSoft Lifecycle Management/Update Manager Combo Rel 8.53

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PeopleSoft Lifecycle Management/Update Manager Combo Rel 8.53

Description:This Lifecycle Management and PeopleSoft Update Manager Rel 8.53 course will teach you to manage customizations, apply updates and upgrade a PeopleSoft application. You'll use the necessary tools to accomplish these tasks, including Application Designer's upgrade features, Data Mover, Data Migration Workbench,and Change Assistant.

Duration: 5 Days

Learn to:

  • Perform an upgrade.
  • Manage customizations.
  • Customize the PeopleSoft system and migrate the customizations to other databases.
  • Create Change Packages.
  • Compare and analyze definitions between databases.
  • Use PeopleSoft VirtualBox Images.
  • Start the PeopleSoft VirtualBox appliance.
  • Configure the Windows Client running Change Assistant.
  • Define a new Change Package.
  • Use PeopleSoft Update Manager PIA application.
  • Apply Change Package.
  • Download and apply a PeopleSoft Release Patchset.
  • Understand the methodology for applying update maintenance to your PeopleSoft 9.2 and above applications.
  • Install the Oracle VirtualBox and apply the updates to all your PeopleSoft environments.

Course Objectives:

  • Describe data management tools
  • Migrate customizations between PeopleSoft databases using projects
  • Compare and analyze definitions.
  • Migrate data using Data Mover and Data Migration Workbench
  • Create and apply change packages in Change Assistant.
  • Perform an Upgrade
  • Start the PeopleSoft VirtualBox Appliance
  • Define a new change package
  • Use PeopleSoft Update Manager PIA application
  • Download and import PeopleSoft VirtualBox Images
  • Download and apply a PeopleSoft Release Patchset


  • Technical Consultant
  • Technical Administrator
  • System Administrator
  • Application Developers
  • Database Administrators

Required Prerequisites:

  • Working knowledge of PeopleSoft Architecture
  • Understanding of the data structures of PeopleSoft applications


Examining PeopleSoft Databases

  • Describing PeopleSoft System Components
  • Describing Structure Versus Content
  • Tracking Definition Changes
  • Describing Customizations
  • Defining Upgrade Terminology
  • Identifying a Database

Building and Altering Tables

  • Identifying PeopleTools Tables That Affect the System Catalog
  • Configuring Data Definition Language (DDL) Parameters
  • Using Build Process
  • Altering Tables, Creating Views and Indexes
  • Running Database Integrity Reports

Identifying PeopleTools Tables

  • Examining PeopleTools Tables
  • Securing PeopleTools Tables
  • Running SYSAUDIT Reports

Using Projects to Migrate Customizations

  • Describing the Migration Process
  • Creating Upgrade Projects
  • Copying Projects to Databases
  • Validating and Reusing Projects
  • Adjusting Definitions
  • Merging Projects
  • Copying Projects To and From Files

Using the Compare and Report Process

  • Describing the Compare Process
  • Running Compare and Report
  • Setting Upgrade Options

Viewing and Analyzing Compare Reports

  • Viewing and Analyzing Compare Reports
  • Entering Overrides in Upgrade Projects
  • Comparing and Merging Text Definitions and Files
  • Running PeopleCode Diff/Merge
  • Comparing and Merging Pages

Moving Data with Data Mover

  • Listing Data Mover Commands and Syntax
  • Exporting and Improting Data
  • Using Additional Set Commands
  • Encrypting Passwords with Data Mover
  • Comparing and Merging Pages
  • Renaming Records and Fields
  • Running Data Mover in Command Line Mode

Using Data Migration Workbench

  • Defining Data Migration Project
  • Implementing Data Set Security
  • Setting Upgrade Permissions
  • Using Data Set Designer
  • Defining Data Migration Project
  • Copying and Comparing Projects
  • Using Approval Framework with DMW

Creating a Change Package

  • Describing Change Packager
  • Creating a Change Project
  • Creating File Reference Definitions
  • Creating a Change Package in Application Designer
  • Updating a Change Assistant Template
  • Finalizing and Testing a Change Package

Configuring Change Assistant for Updates

  • Describing Applying Change Packages
  • Preparing the Environment
  • Setting Up the Environment Management Framework
  • Using the Environment Management Viewer
  • Setting Change Assistant Options

Applying Change Packages

  • Applying a Change Package
  • Correcting Errors in Change Assistant Job
  • Reviewing Change Assistant Logs
  • Describing Update Deployment
  • Reapplying Customizations
  • Migrating a Change Package

Planning Your PeopleSoft Application Upgrade

  • Describing PeopleSoft Upgrade Types
  • Describing Application Upgrade Process
  • Gathering Upgrade Documentation and Required Files
  • Identifying Upgrade Planning Tasks
  • Describing the Software Install
  • Configuring Change Assistant for Upgrades
  • Examining Step Properties
  • Creating an Environment and an Upgrade Job

Preparing the Database

  • Planning and Preparing for Upgrade
  • Comparing Customizations
  • Describing a Database Compare
  • Identifying Customizations
  • Preparing the Copy of Production Database
  • Preparing for the Application Upgrade

Applying PeopleTools Changes and Running Compare Reports

  • Describing PeopleTools Changes
  • Explaining the Steps in a PeopleTools Upgrade
  • Preparing for Application Changes
  • Running and Reviewing New Release Compare Reports
  • Reviewing the Non Compare Projects

Applying Application Changes

  • Customizing the New Release
  • Running New Release Upgrade Copy
  • Preparing for Data Conversion Analysis
  • Modifying Database Structures
  • Running Data Conversion Programs
  • Finalizing the Database Structures
  • Loading Data to Complete the System Setup

Completing Database Changes

  • Reapplying Customizations
  • Setting Up Security
  • Stamping the Database
  • Testing the Database

Moving to Production

  • Testing the Move to Production
  • Developing a Test Plan
  • Preserving Queries, Trees and Tree Structure
  • Moving the System into Production

Importing and Starting PeopleSoft VirtualBox Images

  • Downloading PeopleSoft Virtualbox Image
  • Downloading the PeopleSoft Image
  • Importing the PeopleSoft Virtualbox Appliance
  • Starting the Virtualbox Appliance
  • Using the PeopleSoft Installation

Configuring the Windows Client Running

  • Describing the Windows Client Setup
  • Installing the Database Client
  • Installing PeopleTools Client
  • Configuring and Starting Environment Management Agent
  • Installing Change Assistant

Defining a New Change Package and Using PeopleSoft Update Manager PIA

  • Defining Change Assistant Settings
  • Configuring Change Assistant for Update Manager
  • Defining a New Change Package
  • Editing Environments
  • Defining Custom Change Packages
  • Using Scope Options
  • Completing the Change Package Definition
  • Reviewing Change Packages

Apply Change Package

  • Packaging Updates
  • Applying Change Package
  • Using Change Assistant Interface
  • Describing Change Assistant Update Chapters
  • Moving to Production

Downloading and Applying a PeopleSoft Release Patchset

  • Discovering and Downloading the PRP
  • Applying the PRP to the PeopleSoft Image
  • Applying the PRP to the Target Database
Course DateLocationDaysPriceRegister
Call for Classroom Training Dates5 $6,050Register

Course DateLocationDaysPriceRegister
Call for Live Virtual Class Dates5 $5,800Register