PeopleSoft HCM Rel 8.9 to 9.1 Delta

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PeopleSoft HCM Rel 8.9 to 9.1 Delta

Description: This 2-day course provides you with an in-depth look at the enhancements and changes made in releases 9.0 and 9.1 for PeopleSoft HCM. This class includes examples and activities addressing the new features and enhancements in PeopleSoft HCM. This includes cross-product HCM enhancements, the introduction of a centralized Profile Management business process, which offers organizations seamless integration with other talent management applications, as well as other talent management processes such as ePerformance, Plan Careers, and Plan Successions. Topics address the changes to HR, as well as changes to the other HCM products, such as Recruiting Solutions, Time and Labor, Absence Management, the payroll products, and Enterprise Learning Management. This course also addresses functionality changes specific to 17 different countries. New product offerings include Profile Management, SmartHire (template-based hires), Oracle XML Publisher, and Oracle Workforce Scheduling. New enhancements include changes to the following: I-9 compliance, Mass Update, military tracking and rank changes, Base Benefits, Benefits Administration, Global Payroll, Time and Labor, Payroll for North America, Absence Management, Enterprise Learning Management, and country-specific data.

Learn To:

  • Describe HCM cross-product enhancements
  • Describe Human Resources enhancements
  • Describe talent management enhancements
  • Describe HCM product enhancements
  • Describe Enterprise Learning Management enhancements
  • Describe country-specific enhancements

Duration: 2 Days


  • Project Manager
  • Business Analysts
  • Functional Implementer

Course Objectives:

  • Describe the PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Capital Management (HCM) cross-product functionality enhancements
  • Describe the PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Resources business processes enhancements
  • Describe the PeopleSoft Enterprise HCM product enhancements
  • Describe the PeopleSoft Enterprise HCM country-specific enhancements
  • Describe PeopleSoft Enterprise Learning Management enhancements


Describing HCM Cross-Product Functionality Enhancements

  • Describing PeopleSoft Application Usability Enhancements
  • Describing the Mouse Over Popup Page Feature
  • Describing the Mass Update Process
  • Describing Delegation Capabilities
  • Describing Document Generation through XML Publisher

Describing Human Resources Enhancements

  • Describing SmartHire (Template-Based Hire) Functionality
  • Describing Contingent Worker Enhancements
  • Describing Teleworker Tracking
  • Describing Military Tracking and Rank Change
  • Describing Manage Profiles
  • Describing Career Planning Enhancements
  • Describing Succession Planning Enhancements

Describing Recruiting Solutions enhancements

  • Describing Applicant Screening Capabilities
  • Describing Online Job Offers
  • Describing Interview Scheduling and Calendar Integration
  • Describing Integration with Manage Profiles
  • Describing Recruiter Alerts

Describing ePerformance Enhancements

  • Describing Business Objective Management
  • Describing Integration with Manage Profiles
  • Describing Integration with Enterprise Learning Management

Describing Base Benefits and Benefits Administration Enhancements

  • Describing Base Benefits Enhancements
  • Describing Benefits Administration Enhancements

Describing Time and Labor Enhancements

  • Describing Approval and Delegation for Time and Labor
  • Describing Project Costing ChartFields
  • Describing Import, Export, and Recompile Rules
  • Describing Mass Time Reporting
  • Describing Integration with Payroll
  • Describing Integration with Absence Management

Describing Absence Management Enhancements

  • Describing Extended Leave
  • Describing Leave Donations
  • Describing Integration with Time and Labor

Describing Payroll for North America Enhancements

  • Describing Usability Enhancements
  • Describing Integration with Time and Labor
  • Describing Garnishment Setup and Processing Enhancements
  • Describing Pay sheet and Local Process Enhancements
  • Describing Configurable Retroactive Pay
  • Describing ChartField Integration with Financials and Time and Labor
  • Describing Commitment Accounting Enhancements

Describing Self Service enhancements

  • Describing eDevelopment Enhancements
  • Describing eProfile Manager Desktop Enhancements
  • Describing eCompensation and eCompensation Manager Enhancements

Describing Core Global Payroll Enhancements

  • Describing the Enhanced Rules Packager Tool
  • Describing Trigger Enhancements
  • Describing Report Data Enhancements
  • Describing Off Cycle Payment Processing
  • Describing the Administrator View of Payslips
  • Describing Positive Input Enhancements
  • Describing Batch Updates of Earning and Deduction Assignment End Dates
  • Describing the Preservation of Data in Temporary Tables

Describing Enterprise Learning Management Enhancements

  • Describing Certification and Compliance Enhancements
  • Describing Core Enrollment Enhancements
  • Describing Talent Management Integration
  • Describing Cost Tracking and Reporting Enhancements
  • Describing Disconnected Learning Enhancements
  • Describing Catalog management Enhancements
  • Describing Training Plan Enhancements
  • Describing French-Specific Enhancements


Course DateLocationDaysPriceRegister
Call for Classroom Training Dates2 $2,420Register

Course DateLocationDaysPriceRegister
Call for Live Virtual Class Dates2 $2,320Register