Oracle Access Manager: Administration

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Oracle Access Manager: Administration

Description: This course provides a context for using Oracle Access Manager Identity and Access Systems. The first portion of the course provides practical experience in installing, configuring, designing, and maintaining the Identity System including creating and managing identity workflows. The second portion of the course provides administrators with a hands-on experience in installing, configuring, and maintaining Access System. The students also learn to set up policies and policy domains for resources with Authentication, Authorization, and Auditing using the Access System. The course teaches how to integrate OracleAS Single Sign-On with the Oracle Access Manager ( Participants also get a brief overview about Oracle Identity Federation (

Learn To:

  • Configure Workflows, Access controlsand Access settings
  • Configure Authentication, and User Authorization
  • Authenticate, Authorize and Audit through Oracle Access Manager Policy Manager
  • Configure Single Sign-On
  • The Access System Architecture and Settings

Duration: 4 Days


  • Sales Consultants
  • Technical Consultant
  • Web Administrator
  • Support Engineer
  • Database Administrators
  • Project Manager

Required Prerequisites:

  • Introduction to LDAP



  • Course overview

Introduction to Identity and Access Management Systems

  • What is Identity Management and its benefits
  • Functional aspects of Identity Management
  • Introduction to Oracle Identity and Access Management suite
  • Mapping the identity and access functionalities with Oracle Identity and Access Management components

Introduction to Oracle Access Manager

  • Oracle Access Manager Overview
  • Features of Identity System
  • Identity System Applications and Components
  • Use of Query Builder
  • Access System Architecture
  • Access System Operation
  • Overview of Authentication and Authorization Plug-Ins
  • Other features of Oracle Access Manager

Installing Oracle Access Manager Identity System

  • Oracle Access Manager Installation Prerequisites
  • Steps for Installing Identity System
  • Installing Identity Server
  • Installing WebPass
  • Setting Up Identity System
  • Changing Settings After Installation

Configuring Identity System Object Classes

  • Identity System Configuration Process
  • Structural, Auxiliary, and Template Object Classes
  • Adding, Viewing, and Modifying Object Classes
  • Configuring Attributes
  • Using Lists and Rules for Display Types
  • Using Lists and Rules for Display Types
  • Object Selector Display Type and Search Filters
  • Creating Derived Attributes

Configuring Tabs, Profile Pages, and Panels

  • Configuring Tabs
  • Adding Tab in Organization Manager
  • Search Attributes in Tab
  • Adding Auxiliary Classes to Tab
  • Group Manager Options
  • Configuring Tab and Group Type Panels in Group Manager
  • Configuring Header Panel, Panels, and the Profile Page

Configuring Access Controls in Identity System

  • Setting Access Control
  • Setting a Searchbase
  • Value Substitution in Rules for Searchbase
  • Multiple Searchbases and Searchbase Report
  • Configuring Attribute Access
  • Evaluating Access Control
  • Access Rights Assignment Report
  • Configuring Custom Reports

Configuring Workflows

  • What Is a Workflow? and Types of Workflows
  • Workflow with Subflows
  • Creating Workflow Using QuickStart and Workflow Applet
  • Creating and Attaching a Subflow to a Workflow
  • Advanced Workflow With Ticket Routing
  • Specifying Dynamic, Surrogate Participants
  • Adding Roles to a Workflow
  • Configuring Self-Registration

Configuring Global Settings for Identity System

  • Managing Password Policies
  • Lost Password Management
  • Styles for Identity System Applications
  • Configuring Identity Server Settings
  • Delegated Identity Administration
  • Substitution Rights
  • How to Assign and Assume Substitution Rights

Access System Architecture and Installation

  • Access System Architecture
  • Authentication Steps
  • Authorization Steps
  • Auditing for Access System
  • Setting Up the Access System
  • Verifying Installations

Access System Configuration

  • Access System Administration and Administrators
  • Configuring Master Access Administrator and Delegated Access Administrators
  • Managing Server Settings
  • Auditing
  • Process of Configuring Auditing
  • Authentication Scheme
  • What Is an Authentication Plug-In?
  • Authentication Flow and Chained Authentication Schemes

Configuring Policy Domains and Policies

  • Policy Base, Policy Domain Root, and Policy Domain
  • Creating a Policy Domain
  • Resource Types, URL Prefixes and Patterns
  • What Are Default Rules
  • Default Authentication, Authorization and Audit rules
  • What Are Policies?
  • Creating Policies
  • Using Query Strings

Configuring User Authorization

  • Authorization Schemes
  • What Are Authorization Rules? and Structure of an Authorization Rule
  • Allowing and Denying Access Using Authorization Rules
  • Authorization Actions
  • Custom Authorization Rules and Actions
  • What Is an Authorization Expression?
  • Authorization Expression Action
  • Access Tester

Managing Access Servers

  • Configuring Additional Access Servers
  • Clustering Access Servers
  • Adding AccessGates
  • Load Balancing AccessGate Requests
  • Preinstallation Tasks
  • Configuring Directory Profile
  • Load Balancing Access Requests

Configuring Single Sign-On and Integrating with OracleAS Single Sign-On

  • Single Sign-On
  • Encryption Used for Cookies
  • Generating Shared Secret
  • Configuring SSO for Single Domain
  • Multi-Domain Single Sign-On
  • Configuring the Logout URL
  • Enabling WebGate to Protect OracleAS SSO Login
  • Implementing OracleAS SSO Authentication Plug-In

Introduction to Oracle Identity Federation

  • What Is Identity Federation?
  • Benefits of Federated Identity Management
  • Key Concepts of Federation
  • Circle of Trust
  • Use Case
  • Federation Protocols
  • Oracle Identity Federation: Overview
  • Oracle Identity Federation: Models
Course DateLocationDaysPriceRegister
Call for Classroom Training Dates4 $4,840Register

Course DateLocationDaysPriceRegister
Call for Live Virtual Class Dates4 $4,640Register