Oracle Database Appliance X6-2 Family – Something for Everyone

Introduced in 2011, the Oracle Database Appliance has been extremely popular with organizations deploying Oracle Enterprise Edition based high availability systems. No wonder – downtime is very costly.  The ODA, as first introduced, is fully redundant and engineered for mission critical uptime and high availability. Being an integrated solution of hardware and software – the ODA can be deployed, patched and upgraded with single-button, wizard-driven approach.

Building your own database infrastructure can be frustrating – assembling the hardware platform, operating system, CPU core count, memory, and appropriate Oracle software licenses is a daunting task.  The appliance approach eliminates time spent integrating, testing, and deploying a full stack, resulting in faster time to value.

Incorporating servers, all-flash storage, networking, and OS in a purpose-built appliance, Oracle’s Database Appliance models are designed for ease of set-up and maintenance.

The X6 family represent the fifth generation of Oracle Database Appliance – and for the first time, offers something for everyone.

Oracle now offers four configurations to meet a wide range of needs, featuring the latest Intel processors and all-flash storage for better performance and reliability:

  • X6-2S: 10 cores, 128GB memory, 5TB NVMe
  • X6-2M: 20 cores 256GB memory, 5TB NVMe
  • X6-2L:  20 cores, 256GB memory, 19TB NVMe
  • X6-2-HA: 40 cores, 512GB memory, 12TB SSD

Or better yet… grapically:

Oracle Database Appliance X6

As an Oracle Database Appliance Certified Specialized Partner, DesTech is uniquely positioned to help your organization get the most of your ODA.  Our services include:

  • Architecture and Integration PlanningOracle Database Appliance Specialized
  • Installation, Configuration, and Data Migration
  • Virtualization
  • High Availability Configurations utilizing RAC and Data Guard
  • Performance Tuning and TroubleshootingOracle RAC
  • Upgrades and Patches
  • Oracle University Database Administration Training Delivery
  • ODA Training Customized to Your Needs
  • Ongoing Support and Maintenance